Mens Team FIE Breeches

Mens Team FIE Breeches

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These Breeches are also available in 'long' sizes with an extra 2 inches on the inside leg.

Conforms to European CEN Level 2 Regulations FIE Certified Protection|Clothing 800N Masks 1600N Full Two Way Stretch Material Integrated Braces

Mens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE BreechesMens Team FIE Breeches

Our Team uniform has been designed exclusively in conjunction with the US National teams and is the new official uniform of the United States Fencing team. This Uniform has the performance to satisfy even the most demanding of athletes. It is bright white rather than the off yellow of some FIE uniforms and features contrasting black double stitching down the arms, back and legs. The vertical lines of the stitching together with a sporting cut make the uniform very flattering!

US National Team member Soren Thompson "I've used many different types and styles of uniforms during my 20 years as a competitive fencer, but my new set of Leon Paul gear is the one I like best. The high quality is apparent in every stitch and the fit is perfect"

  • 800N FIE certified
  • Machine washable.
  • Integral braces.
  • Buttons at the waist for extra security
  • Made from a two way stretch Material.
  • Full stretch Material
  • Unlined for minium weight

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