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X-Change FIE Epee Mask Contour-Fit Plus

X-Change FIE Epee Mask Contour-Fit Plus

Product Ref: 280CX

Price: $255.00


Conforms to European CEN Level 2 Regulations FIE Certified Protection|Clothing 800N Masks 1600N Contour Fit System for Lighter Weight & Improved Comfort Only Suitable For Electric Fencing X-Change Mask with Fully Removable & Machine Washable Bib & Padding

All X-Change masks now ship with Contour-Fit Plus as standard.

This mask is available in white, green, red, blue and pink (pink is only available in small and medium)

Why do top fencers think that X-Change masks are the best in the world?

  • Cleaner
    The X-Change system allows all the fabric parts to be completely removed from the Stainless steel shell and washed. This keeps your mask clean and fresh.

  • Lighter
    By utilising the lightest strongest materials and removing unnecessary metal it is much lighter than standard masks making it more comfortable.

  • Cooler
    The removal of excess padding unnecessary parts of the bib mean that airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. For the ultimate in cooling please see the iceŽ padding upgrade.
  • X-Change
    The bib can be slid out of the mask which means not only can you wash it monthly or replace it every few seasons but you can also have a range of different bibs for different occasions. For example you can use a black coaching bib when giving a lesson exchange it for a white epee bib and then swap that for a lame Foil bib.

  • Additional safty feature
    Most masks use a metal strip around the back mesh to save on cost but Leon Paul masks use a split plastic tube as well. This is to stop the blade whipping over the edge of the mask and causing painful hits to the back of the head, the tube absorbs the force of the blade and prevents this whip over.

    *If you want to be able to use the same mask for electric Foil, you can order the Foil X-Change bib (ref: F280CXB)

*Optional Extra

Water resistant drawstring bag with mesh top to allow you mask to dry while keeping away from from you weapons and fencing whites.

*Optional Extra

Our Improved Cooling and Evaporation (ice®) padding is a new shape and a new concept in fencing mask comfort. In the past big soft pillow-like padding that enclosed the head was always considered to be most comfortable; we have turned that tradition on its head.The removal of excess padding unnecessary parts of the bib mean that airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. The ice® padding features memory foam for the crown and chin and grips your head with minimal contact leaving room for air to flow and improving hearing. The padding also features the same signature grey Transpor® dry layer lining as our top of the line clothing which actively pulls moisture from your skin allowing it to evaporate near the mesh!

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