Leon Paul signs 4 year deal to support the USA Fencing Team

The USA fencing team and Leon Paul have worked together for the last 7 years to improve products and push the boundaries of fencing technology. The new partnership will run to the next Olympics in Rio and will give all the teams in all the weapons, a total of more than 200 athletes per year the best fencing equipment in the world. By working directly with the USA teams from Cadet to Veterans, Wheelchair fencers and Coaches Leon Paul get a unique perspective on how to improve, develop and progress the sport. Join us on our Facebook page to get information on new products and videos of some of the US team developing new products for the next Olympics.

“Our goal is to provide the US team with high level fencing equipment to help the athletes perform to the best of their ability.”
Ben Paul, Director Leon Paul

“Making sure our fencers have the best equipment on strip has always been a priority for USA fencing and so we are delighted that we could continue our partnership with Leon Paul”.
US Fencing

“The US team started working with the Leon Paul in 2006. They have a great collaborative approach that allows us to become an integral part of the design process. Together we have made some great technical breakthroughs, including a new fencing uniform used by the US Men's and Women's Epee fencers at the London Olympics.”
Soren Thompson, World Champion Team USA

Do you want the bag, mask and uniform used by the USA Fencing Team? Then take a look at the links below.

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