Apex Uniforms

Apex is the performance uniform; lighter, more comfortable and cooler than any other. Any fencer practicing 2 or more times a week or competing wants 800 Newton equipment and those aspiring fencers who want the best choose the Apex range.

Mens Apex Jacket
Mens Apex Breeches
Womens Apex jacket
Womens Apex Breeches




"With over 40 years in fencing most know I take my sport very seriously. Like anything in life, in order to succeed, not only do you have to be competent and skilled, but you have to have the right tools and equipment.

The Leon Paul USA Men’s Apex jacket is by far the best fencing jacket that I ever have owned. It was clear as soon as I began to fence in it. The jacket is very intuitive, and the design, fabric and feel of the jacket is highly conducive to the sport.

The material itself it lightweight, maximizing ventilation even while in the midst of a heated match. The design is flawless and well-fitted, maximizing your movement and range of motion.

I would highly recommend the Men’s Apex to any fencer of any level, be you a novice, veteran or a world class fencer, this jacket will serve you well. "

Walt Dragonetti


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