Childrens Hi-Tec Razor Shoe

The Leon Paul Razor shoe is a joint venture with Hi-Tec to provide a high spec shoe at an affordable price. The Razor has been developed by Olympic fencers and provides a great balance of durability and performance whilst remaining lightweight.
Ref: D63J

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The benefits of this shoe are 

  • Moisture-wicking lining for dry comfortable feet
  • Moulded EVA sock liner to deflect force from the strike of lunge
  • Asymmetrical lacing for support and to maximise medial clearance for drag.
  • Suede upper for extra durability in the toe area
  • Heel cup for strike protection
  • Air mesh upper for breathability 
  • Forefoot flex area for maximum flexibility
  • Abrasion welded PU for increased durability during drag
  • Double locking eyelet for foot security

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