Evolution LED sabre - Green - 87cm Blade

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Ready for action this beautifully crafted LED Sabre is ready for combat or display. Machined From sturdy aluminium this hilt is built to last and outfitted with a Polycarbonate blade ready for controlled sparring*. This Sabre is green only.

The Evolution sabre is a work of art and can't fail to impress with its sturdy build and gorgeous detailing. 

In development for a number of years, the Evolution sabre fills the gap between toy sabres and custom pieces. The evolution has been designed from the ground up to be suitable for controlled sparring*. It has a solid metal switch and the electronics and battery are protected from shock with padding. Supplied with an Allen key to tighten the blade, a charger with a UK three pin plug and has a pre installed battery and kill plug.

This evolution Sabre is comes with an 87cm blade

286g, 27cm long 32mm diameter 
10oz, 10.5 inches long, 1 inch diameter 

4.2V 1Amp 

182g, 87cm length when fitted
1mm polycarbonate tube suitable for controlled sparring. 
10 feet (approximately 20 layers of high-quality light diffusing film for an even blade colour 

Inbuilt 18650 Li-Ion 3.7v 2500mah rechargeable battery with protection circuit to prevent over discharge 
Runtime between 45 minutes and 1 hour of runtime dependent on colour selection 
9 watt RGB LED capable with 10 selectable colours 

*Sparring with LED Sabres should only be undertaken under adult supervision with the use of suitable protective equipment including a fencing mask and padded clothing. The 1.5mm wall thickness on these blades makes them suitable for controlled sparring, we have experimented with thicker blades which are stronger but they are heavier which causes more bruising and necessitates the use of more padding. Controlled sparring means the contact between blades and your opponent is "pulled" to keep the force low; this is important both for safety, user comfort and the life of the blade. We believe that the art of LED sabre is all about control and discipline and it is essential that the use of these products is undertaken in a controlled safe manner. If the blades are clashed hard against each other or the opponent, especially their mask, then they can break. Leon Paul cannot be held responsible for broken blades that have been used in an aggressive uncontrolled manner for which they were not intended.


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