The Team Bag

The first wheeled fencing bag designed to stand upright to take up less floor space in your home or the fencing hall. This Iconic design is the original and best, with many unique features included at the request of professional fencers. If you are aspiring fencers about to start competing this is the bag for you.

Ref: 520WS

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About the TEAM Bag

  • Integrated Wheels
  • Vertical Standing
  • Separate weapon bag with detachable shoulder strap, Sized to fit full-sized long handle French grip epees.
  • Detachable straps
  • Separate weapons and clothes sections with appropriate internal pockets
  • Side pocket for mask
  • Side pocket for shoes
  • Water bottle holder
  • Wireframe for easy access
  • Rivets at the point where main handle straps are attached to the bag.


Designed in conjunction with members of the British Foil team. A bag designed for any serious fencer, made with ripstop nylon for durability and available in a range of colours. Add your name to the bag to make it stand out in a crowded fencing hall.

"We needed something that was suited for international travel, so light and compact to minimise damage during air travel. An example of this is the fold away handles and removable straps. Making it stand vertical has revolutionised travel it means less lifting and taking up less space in queues and in fencing venues."
Richard Kruse World Combat Champion

When you get a chance to test a product you can spot things that the manufacturer might have missed for example the original had no water holder or name tag. It's the attention to detail that makes it great.
Laurence Halstead GBR


Main bag: Length 110cm x 28cm x 30cm
Top bag: Length 110cm x 6cm x 30cm

Empty weight 5.5kg
MAX load = 25kg

Main bag: 92.4 litres
Top bag: 19.8 litres


International Travel Important Information
When in transit the best way to ensure your Team bag does not get damaged by airport bag handlers please use the separately sold removable luggage straps. Product Ref: 520WSLS If you do not have this item take the top bag off and store it inside the bag. It fits neatly inside the smaller weapon compartment. If it does not fit in the bag when you have fully loaded the likelihood is you will be over the maximum weight for the bag so it will get broken in transit and you should check it as 2 separate bags.

*Leon Paul is NOT responsible for bags that are damaged by the bag being mistreated. If an airline does break your bag in transit, please claim on your travel insurance or from the airline.


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